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Deepak Associates offer loans to trusts and societies of private schools, colleges & universities to expand their infrastructure. The interest rates are low and vary between lenders. Interested candidates can get loans Rs.25 lakh to 50 crore and repay it over a tenure of 10 years, provided they prove a steady cash flow for the future. Read further to learn the details of some of the lenders that provide loans for private schools, colleges & universities.

Loan for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Educational institutions often require specialized financial solutions to meet their unique needs. Educational institution loans assist private schools, colleges, and universities in molding the educational landscape and improving the learning environment. Explore how these loans can contribute to your institution’s success.

Eligibility Criteria And Documentation

Anyone can apply for our loan for schools, colleges & universities as long as you meet four basic criteria mentioned below. 
Documents required
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Deepak Associates is here to help you take away your worries about unexpected sudden budget surges!

Swift Approval

We believe in saving your valuable time and quick money compliance by using our upgraded software. After successfully checking your documents, we approve your loan within minutes and in no time it gets transferred to your account!

Flexible Payment Terms​

We accept payments through simple flexible methods, be it easy pay or bank transfer. It aims to enhance your lifestyle experience without worrying about the scarcity of funds!

Instant Disbursal

We offer competitive interest rates and APRs that are fair and all costs are truthfully disclosed to the customer. Our policy is to make life fulfilling for you and your family by adding quality time to each and every moment.

Completely Secure Process

We have separate teams at each level to check the transfer of funds in the most transparent and secure manner to keep away any kind of foul play. Your dream is our dream and we will keep it safe and protected!

Minimum Documentation

Paperless Documentation which is 100% online and stress-free. Your personal loan no longer requires visiting the bank and signing bulky bundles of documents. Bharat Loan provides quick, easy and simple digital solutions to all your short-term monetary distress!

Transparent Pricing

After verification of your documents, we transfer your approved amount instantly. We care about fast delivery and an immediate relief from your financial worries! Advanced technology will be your constant partner as our customer.

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